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    We have over 30 cooks from all across the world, cooking from their kitchens in N1, N4, N5, N16, E8 and E5

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Tuck into feel-good food,
everyday. Nice.

We all know nothing beats a yummy homecooked meal. Trouble is, many of us can't find the time to cook at home and end up settling for second best: takeaways and ready meals. DishNextDoor lets you discover, buy and enjoy meals, lovingly prepared by amazing home cooks in your area.


Everyday cooks
Loving Cooking

Our cooks are ordinary folks like you and me, who love cooking delicious meals in their own kitchens, because it's always more special when it's from your own pot.


'Shepherd's Pie'

'The Classic Shepherd's Pie'


'Curry Queen'


'Low and Slow Brisket'


'Roastess with the Mostess'

About our cooks

  • Ordinary people, making extraordinary food

  • Vetted and verified by us, so they always cut the mustard

  • Trained on our approved food hygiene course

  • Rated by customers after every meal


We are a team of foodies/busy diners who always found ourselves working late and having to compromise with food.

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