How to Transform Corporate Trainings with 360° Videos

The entire video industry has been taken by storm by 360° videos.They provide enriching and engaging experiences in high-definition videos that can be used in a multitude of ways, including within video channels, social media posts, training & learning, etc.Due to their appeal, organizations have started to useimmersive, 360° videosas corporate training videos in their training programs.

What are 360° Videos and How Do You Record One?

360° videos are primarily panorama recordings of the real world. They are generally shot with multiple cameras or by using an omnidirectional camera that simultaneously records video from each direction. The viewer controls the direction of the camera or cameras.360° videosbear a striking resemblance tovirtual reality videos but don’t require any sort of special equipment for viewing.

Cameras like GoPro Cameras, Bublcam, Kodak SP360, Nokia OZO, etc., are now widely available in the market as a result of the increasing use and popularity of 360° videos. Professionals most often tend to use GoPro Cameras for recording 360° videos. GoPro Cameras consist of six cameras, each able to shoot at a 170° angle, providing a complete 360° view in addition to a vertical 180° view. Every shot is covered by placing each camera in a different angle, in order to make sure that none of the data is lost. The recorder must make sure that there have uniform settings across each of the cameras, and they are enabled before begging to record.

How Are Organizations Using 360° Videos?

Corbin Ball is an internationally renowned consultant and speaker on technology, including meeting technology. He believes that immersive videos have massive potential for organizational use cases, especially when it comes to virtual reality meetings.

Organizations are now using 360° videos for a multitude of use cases, such as utilzing them as corporate training videos for their employees. Big brands like Samsung conduct engaging and enriching product demos. These include Samsung, which has previously used them for showcasing holiday destinations.

The video game industry is also making use of 360° videos for endorsing games. The trailer for Conjuring 2 was also streamed in 360° to deliver a much more nerve-racking experience to the viewers.

How To Use 360° Videos For Corporate Training

Even thoughthe technology for streaming 360° video is not a new development, it’s only been more recently since the business sector has come to understand the value of using 360° videos as corporate training videos. Here are some of the ways organizations are using 360° videos for corporate training videos to deliver immersive experiences. Here are a few ways to use 360° in corporate training:

  • The United States armed forces conduct training for tactics that can only be executed in the field. 360° videos provide a safe, but an immersive environment for them to do so. Additionally, the navy uses virtual reality for training interpersonal skills.
  • In the medical field, surgical trainings are conducted by experienced doctors to provide trainees with an immersive, 360° view for a rundown of the entire procedure.
  • Athletes need to always keep training andby recordingthemselves in action using 360° videos, they are able to review their performance, and identify both their faults and strongpoints in order to improve themselves.
  • Real estate agents leverage 360° videos for giving virtual tours of properties.

By using 360° videos as corporate training videos, organizations can enable learning and training for employeeswithout requiring a physical trainer, which can prove to bevery helpful for trainings that normallyneed the instructor to be present.

360° videos can also be used by corporations to give a virtual tour of the premises to their new recruits. Furthermore, they can also be of substantial benefit for functions such as product demos. Thus, we can say, 360° videos have endless potential, especially when it comes to utilizing them as corporatetraining videos.

Advantage of Using 360° Videos

  • 360° videosprovide an immersive experience to learners &trainees that makes them feel like the instructor is physically present with them.It also helps them experience details in a much greater depth than typical corporate training videos.
  • Thelearners perceive the scenarioin a much more realistic manner.
  • They break down the monotony of repetitively using 2D corporate training videos.
  • Most 360° video cameras are capable of streaming video livetomultiple locations.
  • Learners & trainees are able to focus on multiple aspects at the same time.
  • 360° videos have a significantly higher rate of retention, because they provide learners & trainees with a more realistic experience or practical situations.
  • Due to their immersive nature, 360° videos make learners involved in much more depth.

To efficiently stream, manage and share corporate training videos such as 360° videos, organizations need to leverage a robust and reliable video platform. VIDIZMO enables organizations to make the most of their 360° videos for corporate learning, add value to their corporate training videos, and leverage them in the most effective manner toreap the greatest benefits possible.

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